Safe Harbor Mission Statement

Safe Harbor is a Love INC faith-based GAP ministry offering love and service to the homeless of the Manistee area through emergency Sanctuary, meals, and community and with encouragement to move forward in a positive direction in their lives.

Through efforts of Love INC and many caring people, dreams were created and realized, and in 2009 Safe Harbor of Manistee was created by modeling the Traverse City Safe Harbor program. With host sites dividing up the work load we serve men, women, and children during the coldest part of the year. Volunteers numbering more than 250 to help provide bed nights, food, and friendship, by serving with love, hope and dignity. We rejoice when our guests attained permanent homes.

It is our hope and prayer that we will continue providing a safe, warm emergency sanctuary each winter for the homeless people in the Manistee County area. This will only be made possible through the love, commitment and service of our local churches and community volunteers.

In their words... "(Safe Harbor) has been an amazing example of a community living out its faith and putting Christian beliefs into practice .... we likely could not have survived the winter without the shelter you provided. You always treated us with dignity and respect. This is very important ... when people find themselves homeless; they often have little left but their self-respect. If they are not allowed that, there is nothing. Thank you all for your friendship and encouragement and support."