What is the Family Life Center?

Our Family Life Center program is a part of our focus on Relational Ministries
These ministries link families in need with long-term mentoring, goal setting and skill training while providing emotional and spiritual support.

The Family Life Center program focuses on the goal of strengthening relationships and skills to improve lives and work to break the cycle of poverty.
Each week starts with a Family Dinner then moves into specific life skills classes that assist in developing and strengthening families in core living skills examples of some of these classes are;
Parenting: These classes focus on helping parents in such areas as relationship skills, discipline and mentoring
Budgeting classes: Helps find real world strategies that will help households plan for all the many expenses that will impact them i.e. budgets, taxes and health care.
Sewing: Instruction on sewing that will help families defray clothing replacement costs.
Nutrition: These classes help families Streeeeetttch their food money and eat healthier.
Teen Classes: The EXIST....youth group experience that help teens make positive life decisions.
The future! Many other classes are forming to provide real world skills to families that have not had access to this training in their lives.

Current benefits of being a FLC member!
Volunteers provide child care so the parents are able to concentrate on the trainings offered!
Families earn points based on participation. These points are redeemed to purchase items from our resource room.
At different times each year donations are given to help FLC families such as shoes clothing and food.
Many agencies as well as Love INC partners are able to communicate through out the year what services and ministries are available in the community.
For further information or to arrange a visit to the Manistee or Benzie County Family Life Center program please call or email.

Lisa C. Family Services Director