Love INC Store Mission
is to be an extension of the love in the name of Christ Ministry that mobilizes the Church to meet needs through marketplace ministry, and providing a source of supplemental income for Love INC, ensuring the core ministry and all its outreach ministries remain strong.
Your donation will help us to meet our mission by following the Love INC Store donation policy.
items that are in poor condition cannot be given to those in need or sold in the store and must be disposed of, and this uses up valuable dollars that we would rather put into serving our communities.
Accepted Items
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Couch, Loveseat, Futon, Chair, Recliner, Rocking Chairm Bar Stool, ect.
Bed frame, Mattress (new or clean), Air mattress (No Leaks).
End table, Coffie tabke, Side table, ect.
Kitchen table & chairs, Dining room table & chairs, China cabinet, Hutchm ect.
Dresser, Chest of drawers, Pantry, Bookshelf, Other cabinet types.
Electronics & IT
DVD, Blue Ray, and VCR players.
Computer (working & with operating system), Printer, ect.
Stereo, Radio, CD Player, IPod, MP3, Alarm clock, ect.
Game System(Xbox, PS, ect.), Games, PC Games, ect.
Kindle, IPod, Phone, Cell phone, Chargers, ect.
Digital TV, or Flat screen TV (No older wooden dounsel or analog type)
Refrigerator, Freezer.
Stove, Microwave.
Washer, Dryer.
Air Conditioner, Fan, Space heater.
Vacuum, Floor cleaner, ect.
Small kitchen appliances (Toaster, mixer, blender, coffie maker, ect).
Household & Home Decor
Dishes, Cups, Bowls, Bake ware, Pots & Pans, ect.
Silverware, Cooking utensils, Kitchen gadgets, ect.
Bath & kitchen towel, Washcloth, Hand towels, napkins, ect.
Blanket, Pillow (New or cleaned), Sheets, Pillow cases, ect.
Medical assistance items. (Waler, Crutches, Wheelchair).
Floor lamp, Table lamp, Light fixtures
Curtains, Window blinds, ect.
Pictures, Frames, Candles, Decorative shelves, ect.
Knick,knacks, collectables.
Other Items
Clothing & Shoes
Must be clean, Free of stains, Pet hair, Holes, ect.
Working buttons & Zippers
Clothing or shoes that don't fit this criteria they may be placed into a bag and labeled for recycling
Baby Accessories
Must be clean, Free of stains, Pet hair, Holes, ect.
Cribs (Must meet current federal rulings!).
Bib, Bottle, Diapers, Diaper bag, ect.
High chair, Stroller.
Playpen, Portable crib (Must meet current federal rulings!)
Audio, Video, Books, Media
Should be clean and in working condition No X-Rated media will be accepted or homemade recordings, Love INC reserves the right to refuse any media.
CD, Cassette, Album, DVD, VHS, Blue Ray, ect.
Books: Hard cover, Soft cover, Audio books on cassette/CS.
Crafts & Sewing
Fabric, Patterns, Yarn, Thread, Misc craft items, ect.
Jewelry & Accessories
Should be clean and in working condition.
Rings, Necklaces, earings, pins, watch, bracelet, ect.
Sunglasses, Reading glasses.
Scarf, Hat, Belt, Tie, Gloves, Mittens, ect.
Luggage, Backpack, purse, Handbag, Umbrella, ect.
Personal Care
Should be clean and in working condition.
Curling iron, Hair dryer, Curlers, Hair Accessories.
Toiletries, Perfume, Deodorant, ect. (New, unopened)
Pet Supplies
Should be clean and in working condition.
Food dish, Cage, Kennel, Pet supplies, Pet toy, ect.
Seasonal & Holiday items
Should be clean and in working condition.
We DO NOT sell HALLOWEEN items.
Small Home Improvement
Should be clean and in working condition.
Building supplies & Large items should be brought to Habitat Restore.
Toys & Sporting Goods
Should be clean and in working condition.
No Helmets.
No Luggage.
Should be clean and in working condition.
Music Instruments
Should be clean and in working condition.
No Pianos or Organs.

For cash donations